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PAPPONE, Rustic Bergamasco Mountain Bread Loaf                                 6,00 $

BRIEGL Suabian Sandwich Rolls 150g                                                     2,00 $
ROSEMARY ROLLS 150g                                                                          2,00 $
(Rolls can be made in custom varieties e.g. different herbs or nuts)

CASEVS ROMANVS Cheese 100g balls or packed as you like                   6,00 $

Tagliatelle della Romagna all Tagliatelle come in 300 g / 170g boxes         12,00/7,50 $
Giardiniera (Spinach, Basil, hint of Pepper, Green)
Garibaldi (Tomato, Rosemary, course ground Pepper, Red)
Messalina (Putanesca version, Herbs, Poppy seeds, Peperoncini, Yellow)
Estate (Herbs, Poppy Seeds, Yellow)

DACTILI Pralines (3 Types of ancient Roman dates,hand stuffed,
fresh Mediool, Barhi, Empress dates from CA, with exotic fillings.)             25,00 $

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